Deweso Session JandBeyond 2016 - will it scale?

Here you can find some links from our presentation at JandBeyond 2016 in Bacelona. They include components for Joomla! and tools for evaluation. This should help you to find bottlenecks on your website and eliminate them. Please note that the results depend strongly on the specific website and its structure. 

The checklist to find out what's going on.

Step number one -> the stats

Is your website running fast? How many elements to load? Is the output compressed and minified?

Check your project with some of the most popular tools:

Step number two -> check your Joomla!

  • Is everything up to date? 
    Joomla itself, components, plugins, modules and the template-framework.
  • What is loading and do you really need it?
    Modules and Plugins can cause a heavy load with many db-querys, unwanted re- re- redirects or internal errors.
  • Take a look at the Joomla! system informations
    PHP- and MySQL-Version up to date? Any Errors?
  • Activate the debug-mode an take a look in your Joomla! frontend. Especially the runtimes and memory requirements are interesting. Any modules that block the loading-process?
  • Existing options for an optimization?
    Some plugins offer support for an CDN, minify, compression or an extra cache. 

Step number three -> check the webspace / server

  • Take a look to the error-logs (Apache / PHP)
    Some (internal) errors can slow down your website 
  • Can you use an internal CDN directly from your Hoster?
  • Is the lastest PHP-version running?
    PHP 7 is much faster than the older versions without cache.
  • Are there any free subdomains to use for the (internal) JCHoptimize-plugin CDN?
    They must direct to the original directory of your running website. JCH will only emulate an CDN, but will use the original path's. 

Step number four -> use the tools

  • Deactivate modules, plugins an components you don't use.
  • Try to activate an advanced caching system like Jotcache
  • Optimize the output with something like JCH an activate minify and a compression
  • Take a look to your htaccess and insert rules to use the browser cache

Step number five -> ready or not

  • Clear your browsercache, reload your project and check if everything is running fine
  • Use the Joomla! Debug System to check the loaded elements again
  • Back to step one an test your site again ;-)



Download the PDF Checklist:

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